Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Mom left this morning, after visiting for two weeks. We were very busy and had great fun:
- Longwood Gardens where we took over 150 photos
- Knocking screening which was quite impressive; I can't wait until it airs on TV in 2007
- Dinner at Blue Eyes, where the food was disappointing after they changed chefs, Devon, where you can't go wrong, Red Lobster, which is a classic in my family, The Stone Grille, which my husband hated and Mom & I loved, and several at-home adventures out of the Indian cookbook.
- Poseidon on IMAX, which was way too suspenseful and disorienting for Mom to relax but we enjoyed it
- Mom spent a day visiting an old, good friend and some sights in Patterson, NY, and she learned to hate the George Washington Bridge! She also had the joyful experience of showing her license, registration, and proof of insurance to New York's Finest - but it wasn't her fault: the policeman didn't know the car's registration was up-to-date since New Jersey stopped using registration decals on license plates.
- A trip to the library so Mom could start to catch up with her favorite author, Robin Cook
- Household chores which are always more fun when you have someone you love working alongside you
- Dinners with friends
- The ceremonial visit to Ikea where the cafe introduced us to this fabulous pear cider
- We tried to go to Rita's every day but only made it a couple of times. My new favorite is a Green Apple Gelati
- Mom's famous french pancakes. She has tried and tried to show me how to make them as thin as she makes them, but I think I must be missing one of the necessary genes
- Met together with our new real estate agent to begin the home-buying process

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