Monday, February 23, 2009

What a relief

My back is doing better, all of a sudden. I attribute this change in condition to the massage I got a little over a week ago. I can't believe it took such a little thing to make such a big difference, because I've spent so much money on so many BIG things that were all supposed to help. And the massage wasn't even my doctor's idea - it was mine. I got my first massage about six weeks ago, and I got a little relief for about two days. Nothing to write home about though; it was just another remedy that didn't help very much. Last week I was so tired of the pain that I was willing to spend the $100 even if all I got was another two days' of relief. But so far, it's been over a week already and the pain hasn't come back. Wow!

I still have considerable discomfort, but nothing like the pain I used to have. THIS is when I feel like I should be returning to work. The only reason I came off of Disability at the first of the year is because my job was at risk. I shouldn't have been working though - when you need narcotic pain relief just to function like a human, you shouldn't ALSO have to be chained to a desk 40+ hours a week. But now, finally, I feel like I can perform my job without numbing my body to do it. Here's hoping that it lasts.

A government strong enough

I read quote today that reminded me of Joellyn's recent discussion of government. Here is the quote: A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have (attributed to Thomas Jefferson). I only put my trust in a perfect government that has a pure motive and also has the power to exercise true wisdom and justice. There is no human government that can hope to earn my trust, and that's why I look to a heavenly kingdom that will rule over the earth.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Duncan is home from the hospital

Great relief -- my dog Duncan has been released from the hospital.
The swelling on his brain has subsided, and now the concern is the
less-critical stuff. Like the healing that has to happen with the
stitches and the bruising on his face... watching out for infections
and the like. Totally manageable stuff. He's on pain medications
that make him very sleepy all the time, and antibiotics that make his
stomach upset. But he's eating well, so that helps prevent a lot of
the stomach irritation.

I'm so glad he made it. WHEW!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Duncan Had A Very Very Bad Day

Yesterday afternoon Duncan was hit by a car, a little before 4 PM. The side of his head took most of the impact. We rushed him to the hospital where they worked to stop the brain from swelling further. The x-rays showed nothing broken (!) and no internal bleeding probably because his body wasn't hit - just his head really. This morning it appears that the swelling has stopped, but his one pupil is still dilated indicating he's not out of the woods yet. They have decided he's stable enough to endure the anesthesia he needs for stitching up his lip laceration. He urinated today, which is a good sign that his internal organs aren't failing.

It is so awful to feel responsible for this. And I wasn't even there - my mom feels more directly responsible although I've assured her that I don't feel that way towards her. My heart hurts for my dear doggie. I can't believe he's survived it, but I also can't believe that he still might not make it. The vet won't make any promises. I understand why, but I still wish he would. Could.

Why haven't we bought a fence - didn't we say the same thing last time something like this happened?? More updates to come...