Monday, May 22, 2006

14 days

My health insurance reimburses me $150 each year if I go to the gym
120 times during the year. I haven't made it for two years. My
husband made it both years (though we missed out on the money the
first year due to a technicality). Our gym has a keypad where you
type in your numbers to log your visits.

So 120 visits to the gym over 12 months is only 10 visits per month.
I can do that, right? My year began on April 15, but by the end of
Month One I had only gone twice. I had also worked out twice more in
hotel gyms while traveling, but I haven't figured out how to count
those yet because they don't have the keypad logger thing in hotels.

So to get back on track, I need to go to the gym EVERY DAY for 14 days
in a row. Today was Day Three of this marathon. I'm so sleepy.

1 comment:

  1. Would it help if I told you I was going to the gym on certain days?