Friday, April 28, 2006

Travel decisions

A new personal best: 11,901 steps yesterday.  I was in Anaheim and visited the gym in the morning, sat in meetings all day, then walked from the hotel to Downtown Disney and back.

Our 5th anniversary is coming up in 5 short months, and we have $5,000 and a little over a week to go anywhere.  It's tough to decide because I want everything - privacy and intimacy so we can discuss big Issues, excitement and sponteneity so we can enjoy the change of pace, planned tours and sightseeing so we can take advantage of the rare opportunity to see other parts of the world, comfort food so I don't have to widen that scary horizon for myself, but the option to try new foods as long as I know I like all the ingredients...  It's fun to dream about all the places we want to visit: Italy? Argentina? Grand Canyon? Alaska? Australia? A local all-inclusive resort and spa? Or a not-so-local one? Stay in hostels and save money for fine dining? Or go for all-around luxury?  It's awe-inspiring to realize the world is really so big, but it all just makes this decision so enjoyably difficult.

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