Saturday, April 22, 2006

My pedometer

I have been wearing my pedometer for a couple of months now.  I've only gotten to 10,000 steps once in that time -- it was a day where I was setting up my trade show booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the end of March, and my freight was missing.  I had to walk back and forth across the whole convention floor several times to track it down.  It did eventually show up, and I had 10,200+ steps by the end of the night.  It felt so good!

I started this venture by establishing a baseline for myself, which is what the experts say you should do.  I spent 2 weeks wearing my pedometer making no special effort to walk more than usual.  I found that in an average day spent at work, I got 2,000 steps ALL DAY.  If I paid attention and tried to walk more, I would get 3,000.  Weekends usually netted me 5,000 steps.

I've improved that so that I can usually get 4,000 steps on workdays, and today is shaping up to be my second 10,000+ day.  I'm at 9995 and the day is not done.  I feel so good.  It's a weekend *plus* treadmill time at the gym, so that's why I got such spectacular results.

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