Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No excuses

Wow, I'm an irregular blogger, aren't I? I have no excuse for the lapse, except for the thumb (you'll see - keep reading).

Here are a few highlights from my past 3 months:

- We adopted another dog: 6-yr-old Daisy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she's 15 pounds, retired from a breeder who surrendered her to a rescue group. She snores disruptively loudly, but otherwise is well adapted to life in our house.
- My husband got in a low-speed crash on an icy sideroad, and hit a utility pole. No injuries, and no damage except to his car. Took five weeks (!) for his car to get repaired. Total repair + car rental bill was about $10,000, thank goodness all was covered by insurance.
- Got tendinitis in my right thumb, was crippled for two weeks but all better now. What a stupid thing I did; maybe I'll tell you about it someday.
- I've selected a Subaru Tribeca for my next car -- it has exceptional reliability and the highest crashworthiness ratings (as specified in this earlier post). It's not tops in the SUV fuel-efficiency department, but is beat only by Subaru Forester which is just too station-wagon-ugly.
- Thanks to spring cleaning day at church, I got help assembling and learning how to use the pressure-washer I bought last year. Now we'll get to wash the green off our siding this spring.
- I love spring, and have been markedly more joyful since our daffodils bloomed.
- Work has been extremely busy but satisfying.
- My parents have been snowbirding in Florida.
- The wallpaper we don't want is still on all our room walls, but half-torn off because we got ambitious before we knew we'd need additional equipment. I've heard it's easy to remove but is just tedious and messy... I think I'll call a wallpaper party and bring over some people who have done it before.
- We discovered the world's best sushi and it's been hard to stay away, excepting the $80 bill for two of us.

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  1. Glad to finally see something on your blog! I checked out that Sushi website. It looks awesome. Hope your thumb gets better.