Friday, September 29, 2006

My gigabyte

I lost my USB thumb drive. I knew the last place I saw it was at home in the evening, and I noticed it missing the next morning at work. So it had to be somewhere in the middle. Either it's in the house somewhere, or it's in the bag I take to work, or in the car. I never went on a tear looking for it for two reasons: 1) I expected to run across it in my daily dealings and 2) there was no critical data on it.

I checked through my bag, looked under the seats in my car, checked the likely spots at home, and couldn't find it. I made up a song to mourn my loss, sung to the tune of "O Christmas Tree": "O gigabyte, O gigabyte, I wonder where is my gigabyte."

A week ago I gave up and bought a new drive. I didn't have time to play with it though, because work was busy and evenings have been full... so this morning I woke up early to install all my favorite Firefox extensions and to save my passwords into Roboform. I spent two hours goofing off on the Internet getting it all set up just so, and made myself late for work in the process.

I got to work and pulled my laptop out of my bag, and THERE IS WAS. My lost gigabyte was right there in the bottom of the bag. I could have SWORN I looked in that spot! It's fallen into that spot several times before, so I knew to look for it there. How did I miss it? And I JUST got done investing two hours into the customization of the replacement thumb drive. Ugh. I'll give that one back to my husband since he's been envying my U3 applications and his thumb drive didn't come with U3 installed. (Shameless pride: He's remarkably generous -- when we found out that one drive had U3 and the other didn't, he let me have the U3 one. Isn't he great?) So now we can both have U3.

Anyway I'm thrilled to have my old drive back now. I quickly installed all the cool extensions I discovered during my goof-off time this morning. I'm having a private little party in my soul today because I found it!

And to top it off, I'm driving a really cool car today. The dealership gave us a Lexus SUV as a loaner car, and it's so much fun. What a difference from my little Civic with a slipping transmission. And the driver's seat makes me feel so big and high up. I grin every time I hit the gas.


  1. YAY! You found it. Yay! U3. However, I now want Mojo. It looks sooo cool.

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